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Make the trading process automated with Covesting. Copy the most profitable strategies and make money on the best crypto copy trading platform

Copy the leading traders in 3 simple steps

Choose a trader

Browse through hundreds of trading strategies, review their performance, and choose the most suitable one.

 Set the amount

Choose the amount you are willing to allocate into the selected strategy.

 Click follow

Start following and get the same returns as your favorite strategy! Follow multiple traders at the same time!

Make money by copying trades – PrimeXBT Covesting review

Social or copy trading has become popular among beginners because this way of trading is almost completely automated. You don’t need to spend time developing the most effective strategy – just get connected with a more experienced trader.

When looking for such solutions, newbies might be curious: what is the best copy trading platform? We would like to introduce the Covesting Copy Trading module.

When clients enter the PrimeXBT Covesting module, they see the list of participants who offer their skills and insights. The selection of options is quite wide. Moreover, clients can see the traders’ recent and long-term performance. This helps to estimate the efficiency of currently displayed strategies.

PrimeXBT Covesting provides all the statistics about the listed traders. Those who want to copy, can see who registered on the exchange a long time ago and who joined recently. This way clients can assess the track record of traders and choose the most experienced participant.

Covesting has a user-friendly interface. Even if it’s your first time working on PrimeXBT, it won’t be difficult to navigate. Everyone can access wallets, chosen strategies and specific tools without difficulties.

Covesting also offers a user-friendly filtering system. With it, clients can filter out those traders whose profits aren’t satisfying for them. Advanced filtering allows traders to shorten the list and leave only those offers that are required by a specific client.

Clients who filtered away all the unfavorable offerings can now choose the trader to follow. It’s important to notice that to earn money on Covesting, a client should transfer the funds, which will be used, to the main wallet.

Once everything is ready, the clients can start copying trades of the chosen traders. This is a very good experience because you can make a passive income without even monitoring the news, charts, the dynamics of price fluctuations and other criteria. Choose your favorite tradable products, find a trader who trades the same assets and offers you to copy them, and start following!

PrimeXBT Copy Trading Reviews from real clients

I found out about the Primexbt Covesting module completely accidentally, I was just reading something about social trading. I must admit that it was very easy to navigate on it, even though it was my first acquaintance with the platform.

Steve J. Leach

The Copy trading module on Primexbt is the best solution I have ever used to copy trades of other traders! I was really surprised to filter the offers by their profits, track record, and other characteristics.

Cheryl T. Johnson

Covesting met all my expectations I have after reading tons of primexbt reviews. this platform made me interested in copy trading and I thought “why not”. this was a very good experience for me

Holly J. Moon

I like PrimeXBT Covesting because I can see not only the recent statistics, but the old data as well. This helps to choose traders with a proven track record and great strategies for copying.

Eric D. Parker

If not the latest primexbt review I wouldn’t even know that this exchange has a copy trading platform. Well, it’s now much easier to make money there, I do almost nothing, just analyze the trades of other guys

Edward S. Roe

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