You can start trading with one of the most efficient crypto exchanges on the market. Develop your own strategies or access the best crypto copy trading platform and make a passive income with minimum involvement of your knowledge and skills.

The history and the values of the exchange

The history of the organization dates back to 2018. From the very first day, the team of the exchange had an aim to serve global audiences. Eventually, PrimeXBT managed to grow in size and a big extent. As a result, traders from over 150 countries enjoy speculating on different asset classes through this innovative platform. Altogether, these traders generate around $545 million of daily trading volume on average.

The PrimeXBT exchange review is also to make you familiar with the core values of this business. On its official website, PrimeXBT writes:

“We have always followed a client-oriented approach and placed our clients’ interests at the center of all our operations.”

This means that the exchange is totally focused on the security of its client’s funds and on the availability of all the necessary cutting-edge trading tools. The platform aims to provide the highest possible liquidity, which helps it to maintain its top-tiergood reputation even within the tough conditions of the market competition.

To learn more about how the platform works, feel free to visit the official YouTube channel.

PrimeXBT is a CFD exchange that gives you access to more than 1200 assets, including cryptocurrencies (41), fiat currencies (51), foreign exchange, stock indices(11), commodities(5), and others. This platform allows leveraged trading, which has a few significant advantages for traders:

  1. potentially for largebig returns from leverage;
  2. the possibility for traders to go short an asset;
  3. you use of small fractions of capital for largerbigger returns.

PrimeXBT leverage variesis different for different assets. BTC and ETH pairs are the assets that have the highestbiggest leverages for crypto assetson this platform – 1:200. The leverage for cryptocurrencies varies between 1:5 and 1:20050. Leverage ofThe Forex pairs’ leverage can reach up to 1:1,000. 

PrimeXBT fees

Traders want to speculate on products at the lowest fees. Low commissions allow them to minimize expenditures on trading. Luckily for clients, PrimeXBT doesn’t charge imposingbig trading fees. Besides, the platform is quite transparent in terms of outlining conditions forof charging fees. In the table below, you can see the comparison of fees for the most popular trading products of this platform.

Mobile trading with PrimeXBT

The possibility to trade through mobile gadgets is very important for many clients because this is the way to conveniently access the trading platform. You can trade through the mobile app anytime and in any place where you have a stable internet connection. Luckily for PrimeXBT clients, they have such a possibility by installing PrimeXBT and PrimeXBT Futures Pro. The second solution is designed for advanced trading.  

Both applications are available for iOS and Android users. With these solutions, you can access all the same functional features you would do from the desktop platform. We cannot say that the apps are just the exact same as the original platform, but they are good substitutions. Even tools for technical analysis are available.

Become a partner of PrimeXBT!

Currently, PrimeXBT has quite an alluring affiliate program for those who want to become partners of the exchange. Everyone, who is willing to promote the services of the platform, will get generous rewards. For example, you can promote the PrimeXBT Covesting module and earn from the trading commissions paid by the invited clients. The exchange will reward you with up to a 50% share from the commissions. Plus, if you agree to become an affiliate, you will be offered to pay lower fees!

PrimeXBT pros & cons

  • largebig selection of different tradeable asset classes;
  • leverage trading is enabled;
  • generous bonuses from the affiliate program;
  • Pprimexbt copy trading that allows formaking passive income from copying others’ strategies;
  • advanced charting tools for technical analysis;
  • mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devicesgadgets.
  • no regulation from a top-tier institution;
  • only CFD trading is available.