PrimeXBT Covesting copy trading module reviews

Every review of a client is extremely important for the PrimeXBT team because it helps to make the services better. The same principle is applied regarding testimonials of the Covesting module users. This copy trading solution is one of the favorite tools for many clients of PrimeXBT. We see this from tons of their positive reviews on different specialized platforms.

History of the project and its goals

Covesting is the PrimeXBT copy trading service that was launched in August 2020. Since then, every user of the exchange has the possibility to make passive income by copying others’ strategies or sharing their deals with other participants.

The full version of the copy trading platform was launched only 2 years after the launch of the original exchange because the module was beta-tested for several months. During this period, the team of the platform paid attention to every PrimeXBT Covesting review of beta-testers because it aimed to introduce the perfect product.

Is Covesting legit and safe?

Many beginners are afraid toof starting copy trading because it seems illegal to benefit from strategies developed by other users. However, that’s a myth. Covesting is a platform that provides completely legit services. All strategies, listed here, are shared by their developers. Except for being 100% legit, copy trading on Covesting offers several more advantages:

  • it saves time you would otherwise spend on research and analysis;
  • it is a good way to make passive income;
  • the platform opens and closes copied trades automatically;
  • you don’t need to have any trading knowledge to profit from others’ strategies;
  • you can learn how to trade by following experienced participants;
  • those who share profitable strategies make extra income

Copy trading on Covesting is completely safe for both managers and followers. All data are protected by SSL encryption. Funds are stored in cold storage, meaning no one except for owners can access them. You can copy strategies and make good money without being afraid of any security issues!

PrimeXBT reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Fx-List, and other platforms

Users of Covesting eagerly share their clients’ reviewsclients reviews on different platforms. Here are just a few examples from the most popular sites for testimonials:

  1. “From many Covesting reviews I learned that this stuff is really cool but I didn’t want to trust until I tested. You know, your own experience is always the best teacher, or how they say it. Never mind, the thing is this tool (or service, call it how you like, it doesn’t matter), is really working! Cool for beginners!” – Jonathan W. on Sitejabber.
  2. “Covesting isn’t the best copy trading platform I’ve ever tried but it’s definitely on my top-3 short list. This tool is very convenient although I can’t say I enjoy the selection of tradable products. But filters are very nice, I can search strategies very quickly and efficiently, which saves a lot of my time.” – Chloe on Fx-List.
  3. “In general, I like this possibility and I think this module is very helpful for beginners. What else I can say…I also like that the selection of strategies isn’t limited to several experienced traders. The choice is always good. What’s more your can upgrade your plan and use additional perks. This also seems very attractive.” – Todd Miner on

In general, PrimeXBT has quite high average scores on different review platforms:

All users of these sites are verified. But if you don’t trust unknown users, see the live video review of a Covesting user, where he shares the story of earning around $600 in a couple of days of copytrading.

PrimeXBT Covesting review Reddit

PrimeXBT is active on social networks. The exchange has its page on Reddit, where it often shares different tips and strategies for traders. On Reddit, PrimeXBT also shared tips on how to choose the best strategy for Covesting. Users can freely share their impressions on the module under such Reddit publications, to make sure that some PrimeXBT team members will definitely see and react to their testimonials.

So what?

If you are using the Covesting copy trading module, feel free to share your experience and impressions with other users and contact the help center of the exchange if necessary. Our team pays attention to every PrimeXBT review. It always tries to make your copy trading experience better!

John Brooks

I found out about the Primexbt Covesting module completely accidentally, I was just reading something about social trading. I must admit that it was very easy to navigate on it, even though it was my first acquaintance with the platform.

Eva Crawford

The Copy trading module on Primexbt is the best solution I have ever used to copy trades of other traders! I was really surprised to filter the offers by their profits, track record, and other characteristics.

Nancy Graham

Covesting met all my expectations I have after reading tons of primexbt reviews. this platform made me interested in copy trading and I thought “why not”. this was a very good experience for me

Zak Reid

If not the latest primexbt review I wouldn’t even know that this exchange has a copy trading platform. Well, it’s now much easier to make money there, I do almost nothing, just analyze the trades of other guys

Jake Smith

I like PrimeXBT Covesting because I can see not only the recent statistics, but the old data as well. This helps to choose traders with a proven track record and great strategies for copying.

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