Brian Dean Nibley
PrimeXBT Cryptocurrency Expert

Brian Dean Nibley has a 5-years-long of experience in writing articles related to the crypto market. He is a specialist in Bitcoin. Brian has also great experience in writing white papers, and investment newsletters but SEO content management is his main occupation. He also specializes in email marketing, social media management, and more.

Kate Leaman Levi
PrimeXBT Financial Content Expert

Kate Leaman is a recognized expert in the area of financial news who has been in this industry since 2011. She has many years of experience working for leading brokers and news platforms. Kate’s main specialization is analyzing the activity of the biggest brokers and exchanges and writing news about the market events.

Dirk Hartig
PrimeXBT Trading Expert

Dirk Hartig has been in the industry of trading for 25 years! He is a real veteran of the market who has experience in working for multiple financial institutions such as Banks, Brokers, and Family Offices in Europe and Singapore. Dirk was responsible for the world’s biggest privately traded FX option portfolio of 2.5 billion EUR. Since 2019, the specialist has been focusing on trading his own portfolio and providing educational services to help beginning participants enter the industry of online trading. As a traded, he focuses on Crypto assets and Forex Options.

Kim Chua
PrimeXBT Market Analyst

Kim Chua is an institutional trading specialist. She has been working for the world’s biggest financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, China Merchants Bank, and more. Kim Chia is also a founder of a hedge fund. For 7 years of operating, this fund has been reaching triple-digit returns. Chua is totally devoted to the industry of market analysis, that’s why she aims to pass her knowledge down to young specialists. For this purpose, she started educating them and developed her own proprietary trading curriculum to pass her knowledge down to a new generation of analysts. Kim Chua doesn’t limit herself – she is eager to analyze both crypto and traditional investment opportunities.